Impact of LobbyMap on Sustainable Finance

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Summary: Unveiling the Power of LobbyMap

LobbyMap, an initiative by InfluenceMap, shines a light on the intricate web of influence exerted by the financial sector on sustainable finance policies. By democratizing access to over 9,000 data points, LobbyMap equips activists, researchers, and the public with the tools to understand and advocate for genuine policy changes in the realm of sustainable finance.

Advocacy for Transparency in Financial Lobbying

In the battle for a sustainable future, the role of finance is pivotal. As policymakers craft regulations to steer the economy toward sustainability, the financial sector's influence can both advance and hinder progress. LobbyMap's mission is to ensure this influence is transparent, accountable, and aligned with global sustainability goals.

The Current Landscape of Financial Influence

Financial institutions are deeply entangled in the policy-making process, wielding their power to shape sustainable finance policies in ways that often remain opaque to the general public. LobbyMap, through its rigorous analysis, reveals the dynamics of this influence, highlighting both positive contributions and instances where financial lobbying undermines environmental objectives.

Propelling Forward with Informed Action

LobbyMap doesn’t just diagnose the problem; it also partakes in the solution. By providing open access to its comprehensive database, it empowers stakeholders to make informed decisions and advocate for policies that truly align with sustainability principles. The tool serves as a call to action for enhanced transparency and integrity in financial lobbying.

Open Source Data

Central to LobbyMap's approach is the commitment to open source principles. By making its database freely accessible, LobbyMap fosters an environment of collaboration and innovation, encouraging the development of tools and strategies that leverage this wealth of data for positive environmental impact.

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