Stewart Mior

Mapping the World's Greenery: A Leap in Vegetation Monitoring with Sentinel-3 and Google Earth Engine

Unveiling a New Era in Global Vegetation Mapping In a significant stride towards comprehensive environmental monitoring, a recent study leverages cutting-edge satellite technology and cloud-computing platforms to produce detailed, cloud-free maps of essential vegetation traits (EVTs). By utilizing data from the Sentinel-3 satellite and the powerful processing capabilities of Google
3 min read

Revolutionizing Forest Management: AI-driven Identification of Commercially Valuable Forest Species

Pioneering Precision in Forestry The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into forest management represents a leap forward in ecological data handling. A novel AI methodology, Netflora (developed by Embrapa), seeks to transform the identification and management of valuable forest species, enhancing both the efficiency and sustainability of forest resource utilization.
1 min read

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